Fire Extinguishers

At Fireproof uk we have been supplying a wide range of Fire Extinguishers for over 20 years. We carry out servicing of all types of Fire Extinguisher to BS 5306 part 3, and Hose Reel servicing to BS 5306 part 1.

Having Fire Extinguishers in premises is a legal requirement to ensure full compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and official guidance advocates the provision of fire-fighting equipment to be present. Portable fire extinguishers are the most universally acceptable form of fire extinguishing equipment, and are available in a range of sizes and class types (for the extinguishing of different materials)

We work with our clients to ensure they have the correct fire protection and fire training for their premises, whether this be in the form of fire extinguishers, signage or alarm systems. At Fireproof uk we have a huge range of British Fire Equipment and CE approved extinguishers in stock, from Classes A to F.


How often do i have to get my extinguishers serviced?

On an annual basis all portable extinguishers have to be serviced by a competent technician.  Our technicians are BAFE accredited.

Please see our range below, along with the material types each extinguisher will extinguish. Remember that we stock a wide variety of fire protection equipment, including blankets, buckets, fire alarms and more.

Fire Equipment

Five year guarnatee on fire equipment

Our fire equipment and fire extinguishers all come with a five year guarantee as standard, and are supplied filled as brand new.

To arrange a fire safety site survey to see what fire equipment your premises requires simply call today on 0116 276 6755 .

Water extinguishers Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
Water Extinguishers

Product Code: Extinguisher FPW9

Water extinguishers are designed for wood, paper and fabric fires, and free-burning materials fires.

British Standards approved, this high quality extinguishers provides impressive fire-fighting performance.


Spray foam extinguishers Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
Spray Foam Extinguishers

Product Code: Extinguisher FPF2, FPF3, FPF6, FPF9

Designed for multi-risk fire situations, spray foam extinguishers are designed to extinguish free burning materials like paper and wood, ans also flammable liquids.

CO2 extinguishers Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
CO2 Extinguishers

Product Code: Extinguisher FPC2, FPC5

Designed for usage on electrical fires and flammable liquids, CO2 extinguishers contain a clean, non-toxic gas. Leaving very little residue these are perfect for offices and similar premises, as equipment damage is minimum.

Dry powder extinguishers Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
Dry Powder Extinguishers

Product Code: Extinguisher FPP1, FPP2, FPP4, FPP6, FPP9

Extremely versatile and ready for usage on flammable gasses, liquids and free burning materials, power extinguishers are non-conductive, making them excellent for usage on electrical fires too.

Stainless steel aluminium Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
Stainless Steel & Polished Aluminium Fire Extinguishers

Product Code: Extinguisher CD5P, CD2P, SPS9, SPS6, SFS9, SFS6, SWS9

Aluminium and stainless steel extinguishers are an ideal solutions where design and hygiene are extremely important factors. These can also be cleaned regularly as they are made of non corrosive metal.

Wet chemical extinguishers Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Market Harborough
Wet Chemical Extinguisher

Product Code: Extinguisher OPWC6

Wet chemical extinguishers are designed for any fires involving fats and oils. The chemical mixtures extinguishes flames, cools the oil, seals over the surface and prevents further ignition.

Producing a highly effective yet gentle spray, the wet chemical mixture prevents the hot oil from splashing back on the user.

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